• 7 CPD Points
  • 5th Mar, 2020 4:00pm 7:00pm

Pre-Registration Course - March

Is your building permit documentation up to scratch?


This course is aimed at those building designers who plan to seek registration with the Victorian Building Authority either now or in the near future. It covers a broad range of relevant matters including:

  • The legislative requirements for registration under the Building Act;
  • The role of the VBA;
  • The current registration process;
  • Dispelling the myths of registration and why and when you need to be registered as a building practitioner;
  • What the differences are between a registered Architect and Draftsperson;
  • Comparison of Victorian registration with other states;
  • What is mutual recognition and whether it is applicable when seeking registration within Australia;
  • What are the required qualifications, and what may be considered as being equivalent;
  • How to go about demonstrating an appropriate level of experience;
  • Evidence you should gather in support of your application;
  • How best to present and formulate your application;
  • The competencies required for registration as at Draftsperson
  • The various forms that will make up your application
  • The declarations and police checks required;
  • The appropriate insurance required
  • How to build a ‘best practice’ application
  • What the VBA and its assessors might be looking for in your application;
  • What to do if you receive a request for further information;
  • What to expect if you are asked to attend and interview or online assessment;
  • What happens is your application is refused and what options are available if you are refused.


Geoff Hoare is a Past President and Life Member of Design Matters (BDAV). He runs Graaph Design, a successful, award-winning building design firm. Geoff served on the Building Practitioners Board for 11 years up to it being wound up in 2016, and still assists the VBA when called upon. During his BPB activities, he was involved in the audit of Building Designers, as well as inquiries involving Registered Building Practitioners, and also carried out more than 1,200 draftsperson registration assessments. He also prepared VCAT expert evidentiary reports on behalf of the BPB in defence of rejected application appeals. Geoff is a passionate advocate for ensuring all designers continually improve their professionalism, and all his presentations for Design Matters have always been highly acclaimed. This is a great opportunity to learn from this very experienced and highly-respected professional.

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