• 1 CPD Points
  • 25th Feb, 2020 5:00pm 6:00pm

Webinar - Air Tightness - February

Learn and understand air tightness


Jessica Allen

Event Overview:

This webinar will cover various aspects of air tightness:

What is air tightness test & How it can aid in energy efficiency and thermal comfort:
NCC 2019 and Greenstar bring with them air tightness testing provisions. The National Construction Code is introducing new ways to improve the building envelope across the residential and commercial sectors and this testing is one of them.

Understanding the air tightness testing provisions:
For commercial Greenstar projects, up to 3 points can be awarded just by having an air tightness test done but many consultants and builders don’t understand the credit and therefore miss out on the benefit of these points. This sort of testing is gaining traction in Australia as we catch up to our international counterparts, so come and find out what it all means.

The positive effects in bushfire areas:
Buildings that employ an air tightness strategy during construction are more resistant to ember attack which is a huge contributing factor to the spread of fire. The occupants also suffer less health related issues as a result of dust and ash ingress than those that do not.

CPD Allocation:

1.0 NatHERS Technical CPD point.