Dulux Colour Forecast 2019

Dulux Releases its Colour Forecast for 2019

Dulux’s 2019 colour palettes have been devised through a prism of wellness, rejuvenation and environmental consciousness. The four palettes set the colour spectrums for the coming year. With the capacity to transform spaces with a range of effects, each palette celebrates the individual, acknowledges our past and embraces the natural world.

The result of extensive global research undertaken by Dulux Colour and Communications Manager Andrea Lucena-Orr and trend forecaster Bree Leech, the new-season collection reflects key influences driving current trends across a range of diverse design industries. This has been fine-tuned through dialogue with the global colour authority, Colour Marketing Group.

“We discuss what is on people’s minds, what factors affect where design and colour is going and what’s happening from a technical and pigment perspective,” says Lucena-Orr of the process. The team’s observations at Milan’s annual Salone del Mobile have also been carefully considered.

Thus, a diversity of influences, fed by technology and the information age, a focus on self-care and an increasing social consciousness have informed the resulting palettes. The overarching theme is titled ‘Filter’, which Lucena-Orr explains as a multi-pronged approach to finding the essence of life and favouring the natural and holistic over what is superficial and fleeting.

“This theme highlights the aim to hone in on what is meaningful and to mindfully tune into what we care about,” says Lucena-Orr. “Whether it’s filtering our smart device usage and longer working hours, filtering our consumption of the new and shiny, or simply filtering out the noise of life – we strive to focus on what really matters.”

Within this framework showcases four key palettes: Wholeself, Identity, Repair, and Legacy. Embodying themes of timelessness, simplicity, individuality and optimism, the colours represent the essence of current social trends and global movements.

Of these, the most dominant is the Wholeself palette, a theme that calls to mind undulating forms and smooth surfaces, such as those embodied in the new Arflex sofas or Se Milan side tables and is typified by light muted shades uninterrupted by superfluous detail. The rise of wellness and awareness of the benefits of connectivity and mindfulness are reflected in the warmth of neutrals and sweetness of pinks, balanced with the opulent golds. There is a softness and subtle tactility in this range, encouraging calmness and wellbeing.

Continuing the focus on self, however with a shift in emphasis, the Identity palette encourages individuality and imagination. More playful than its predecessor, it draws upon a host of disparate influences united by the idea of non-conformism, which rejects labels and embraces self-expression.

“Identity is all about unique ideas and having the courage to flaunt them boldly,” explains Lucena-Orr, who highlights GAN’s Op Art-inspired rugs, Kartell’s spirited Double J project and Moroso’s ‘Mono Mania Mexico’ fabrics as exemplars of the theme.

Enabled by pops of brightness in this palette of saturated blues, purples and oranges, spontaneity and experimentation are encouraged. Clashing patterns, contrasts of texture and gloss and block colours invite brave applications, as they call to mind the ‘80s era of youthful celebration and confidence.

By contrast, the theme of Repair turns to the shifting fortunes of our natural world and draws inspiration from the dichotomy of its strength and fragility. “Repair is not only about using and reusing what we have, but also about respecting our environment and celebrating what it entrusts us with,” explains Lucena-Orr.

In design terms, the global call to rethink our relationship with nature is expressed in a continued acceptance of imperfection and effort to embrace sustainable methods and materials. Finishes are more textured and hues derived from nature, with earthy cinnamons and siennas complemented by warm greens and lively yellows.

Continuing this thread of awareness and responsibility, considering what we leave behind underpins the theme of Legacy. Particularly in a fast-paced world, wisdom and tradition become cherished and this palette is directly influenced by a respect for craftsmanship, timelessness and the marriage of old and new.

This is encapsulated in a look best described as elegant eclecticism, a trend which wove its way through the Milan Fair in contemporary takes on Art Deco, new applications for traditional fabrics, like velvet and inspired deconstruction of classical forms, such as Dimore Studio’s ‘Limited Editions’ exhibit. Warm pinks and shades of lilac and mauve, with rich highlights of reds, blues and greens, ooze classic sophistication.

Overall, the four palettes of the Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 present a colour spectrum of globally trending hues with the depth and diversity to create spaces to empower and nurture. They celebrate the individual, acknowledge our past and embrace the natural world.