Energy Rating course for Building Designers

Education in Building offers an Energy Rating course for Building Designers

Education In Building, a nationally recognised training provider of NatHERS training for Thermal Performance, is providing an online energy rating course designed specifically to suit Building Designers. Participants will learn essential skills such as:

  • thermal resistance and capacitance of building materials
  • window glazing values
  • occupancy patterns (including internal heat loads, typical occupancy times and occupancy behaviour)
  • window coverings (which are standardised for all ratings, noting they are likely to change of the life of the building)
  • different types of zones in the house and whether they are conditioned/unconditioned
  • thermostat settings (temperatures at which artificial heating/cooling is no longer required to achieve thermal comfort, noting this varies depending on climate zone)
  • local climate and weather (including temperature, humidity, wind and sun)
  • shadowing/overshadowing by adjacent buildings and features
  • size of the building being assessed (noting smaller buildings generally have a larger wall surface area than bigger buildings)

The Education In Building, Energy Rating course is nationally recognised as the CPP41212 Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment and will allow Builders Designers to produce their own energy rating certificates.

All queries should be referred to Education In Building to paul.k@eib.edu.au