Energy Smart Housing Manual

Sustainability Victoria releases Energy Smart Housing Manual

Sustainability Victoria have released their Energy Smart Housing Manual to help home owners, builders and designers construct homes that comply, or exceed, the minimum 6 Star Standard set by the National Construction Code.

The Manual explains how a home’s design and construction impacts its energy efficiency. With this understanding, homebuilders can improve their building plans and maximise the energy efficiency of their homes.

Six design concepts are explored in the Manual, with guidance about how to cost-effectively and successfully incorporate them into home design and construction. The concepts are:
1.  Sun, Climate and Comfort
2.  Siting and Solar Access
3.  Windows
4.  Insulation
5.  Thermal Mass
6.  Air Leakage and Air Movement

The Manual concludes with a case study to demonstrate how a house that closely follows these concepts can reduce the cost of achieving 6-star compliance or achieve even higher efficiency levels.