Excellence in Recycled Materials

Winner - Excellence in Recycled Materials

An excellent example of how recycled materials can be given a new lease on life. A balance of internal brickwork to create a look that celebrates brick, without being overwhelming. A design connecting 2 strong building forms one with a gabled roofline and the other with a skillion roofline.

When a client with a bricklaying son approached us to design their new Kyneton home, it came as no surprise that the brief included using recycled red bricks. The brief was to create a modern warehouse feel using polished concrete, glass, steel along with the use of brickwork to make a strong statement internally and externally and to give the house a heritage feel.

Located on a small corner site Kyneton Red Brick House required careful design to allow the house to present well on it’s exposed street frontages, as well as creating a protected private courtyard for the residents and their guests to enjoy.

The design outcome is the use of 2 strong building forms one with a gabled roofline and the other with a skillion roofline and a low level flat roof running between these 2 buildings. The skillion roof element allows the main living space to have a large wall of glass facing north and the gabled roof block helps to give the house a presence on the property when viewed via the 2 street frontages.

By maximising the side setback along the northern boundary and placing the single garage at the south-west corner of the floor plan, the design was able to achieve the goal of creating a suitable outdoor courtyard along the northern side. It also allowed the living area of the house to have extensive north-facing glazing to maximise the passive solar potential. Internal face brickwork is used to the entry hallway and also at either end of the large living space. The bedroom wing is largely left as plasterboard to provide a softer and quiet environment.

The floor plan design was derived around passive solar principles – keeping the living areas to the north and limiting the amount of glazing to the west and south. The use of internal brickwork and polished concrete slab provides for thermal mass. Sustainability considerations included the specification of higher levels of wall and ceiling insulation, along with good quality double glazed windows and doors.

This little house has garnered quite a lot of attention in the local community. The builder, with some 40+ years of experience, has commented on the unique qualities of the house. The owner is simply in awe of her home – it’s an original design that catches the eye both externally and internally. In the few months she’s had living in the house, it has proven to be a very comfortable and livable space.

 Kyneton Red Brick House is an excellent example of how recycled materials can be given a new lease on life.


Designer: Woodend Building Design


Builder:               Massina Builders

Bricklayer:          JJR Bricklaying

Photographer:   Tenylle Marie Photography

Kyneton Red Brick House celebrates and beautifully balances the use of recycled brick, without overwhelming the design. The red bricks feature throughout the home in a bold approach to achieve a rustic yet contemporary design, providing the residents all the wonders of a 21st century design in a heritage style environment.
Woodend Building Design | Kyneton Red Brick House