Fire Protection work

VBA Clarifies Definition of Fire Protection Work

The Victorian Building Authority advises that the Plumbing Regulations 2018 came into effect on  18 November 2018. The VBA states that these regulations provide clarity regarding the regulatory requirements for those who undertake routine servicing activities on fire protection equipment.

A clarification to the definition of fire protection work makes it absolutely clear that this work falls within this class of plumbing work and must only be carried out by persons holding the appropriate registration or licence.

The VBA goes on to state that this is not a change to the regulatory requirements, but removes the ambiguity that existed in this area under the previous Plumbing Regulations 2008. While there will be some questions on how this might impact the industry, the commencement of the Plumbing Regulations 2018 is not expected to cause disruption to industry’s work in this sector as the status quo is being maintained.

The VBA is considering all options for those already working in the sector who are unregistered and unlicensed, with a view towards transitioning competent practitioners into the appropriate class of registration or licence.

To enable this transition, the VBA is close to finalising details of several interim restricted classes of registration/licensing covering routine servicing tasks on fire protection equipment.

During this interim period, the VBA will undertake a detailed study into the effect of various positions on the industry and the capacity of the market to do the work. This study will inform final transition arrangements.

The VBA added that it will continue to consult with key stakeholders on all aspects of the transition arrangements.