Our Interiors are Making us Sick!

10 tips to bringing wellness inside our four walls

It’s a surprising realisation for many people that we spend over 90% of our time indoors.

And yet we pay little attention to how our interiors are directly affecting our health.

When we are outside, nature provides the perfect balance for our wellbeing.

Inside, however, our man-made interiors have – in many cases – literally engineered wellness out of the space within our four walls.

While increasingly we are creating interior spaces that are good for the environment, little attention has been given to how these same interiors are affecting human health.

Nigel Hobbs, founder of Welnis Labs – an interior consultancy and fitout company that specialises in bringing wellness into the spaces we inhabit – says that their team has identified ten key wellness protocols that, if addressed, can make significant improvements to our health and wellbeing.

Hobbs says “We studied over a number of years both traditional forms of interior wellness coupled with the latest scientific insights and identified these ten key protocols and subsequent solutions to keep interiors we inhabit healthy”.

These are…


We all need to stop sitting so much. Using a stand-up desk at work or home can reduce the significant health implications of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Just standing can reduce the chances of sedentary illnesses like diabetes and heart disease significantly.


Replace your decades-old light bulb technology with the latest circadian rhythm lights that adapt their colour temperature during the day to reflect the changing light outside. Tip – Blue light in the morning to kick start your brain for the day ahead; warm oranges and reds in the evening to prepare the brain for sleep.


Be aware of the noise around you whilst working and at home. High levels of noise can lead to lower productivity, stress and, if at night, poor sleep. New contemporary-designed acoustic panels that mimic art can reduce noise pollution significantly, and keep you more relaxed and productive.

Air Quality

The air we breath inside is often more polluted than the air outside, especially in offices. Wall mounted UV air purifiers have been proven to reduce airborne bacteria by over 70%, meaning you breathe easy and stay healthy.

Water Purification

The water we drink and wash in is heavily treated with chlorine as well as carrying high levels of other traceable chemicals. Install a simple under-sink alkaline water purifier to remove 99% of toxins and return the water to its natural structure. When showering, try a vitamin C infused showerhead that removes the chlorine from the water, protecting from dry skin and chlorine vapour.

Fatigue Management

Understand your sleep better and wake up refreshed. Wearable devices such as Jawbone and Fitbit track your sleep cycles, and wake you at the optimal time in the morning when you are in your lightest sleep cycle. Or try dawn simulation alarm clocks that simulate the sun rising 30 minutes before the alarm sounds.


Instead of opting for that afternoon caffeine or junk food pick-me-up, go for a healthy alternative. Keeping healthy snacks always at hand such as pulses, nuts and fruit makes it much easier to avoid those cravings, and keeps your moods and ability to concentrate far more balanced.


Even if you are not a runner – walk! The medically-recommended 10,000 steps a day can do wonders for your health. When at work take time every hour to walk around the office or head outside for a walking meeting, and take the stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible.

Stress Reduction

Meditate! Mindfulness as it is also known is a proven way to reduce stress, feel happier and improve productivity. Find a quiet corner at work or home; close your eyes and just focus on your breathing for 10 or 20 minutes. The positive effects on your wellbeing are scientifically proven and are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace as a way to beat the effects of stressful workloads.

Environmental Balance

This may sound obvious, but clean surfaces reduce your chances of being exposed to bacteria and illness. The average person touches 132 items per day. Microbe Shield Treatment is a non-toxic water-based treatment that can protect surfaces that you are in regular contact with for up to 30 days which significantly reduces the risk of microbe cross-contamination and therefore ensures a healthier you.

About Welnis

Welnis is a specialised wellness consultancy firm focused on interiors and the built environment across a wide range of sectors. Our focus and mission is to ensure that wellness elements and protocols are at the forefront of design and construction to enhance human health and wellbeing.

At Welnis we specialise in infusing interiors with the world’s leading health and wellness products and programs. Our holistic approach to environmental and human sustainability delivers interior spaces that maximise human potential and wellness.

For more information, go to www.welnis.com.au.