InterVIEW – Peter Lombo

Long-Serving Member Interviewed

Peter Lombo was recognised for 25 years’ membership at BDAV’s 2018 Annual Dinner in August. He was installed as the BDAV’s Treasurer at last month’s AGM.  We thought it was timely to get to know a little more:

Q: What is/are your favourite project/s that you have worked on, and why?
A: My family home – Shaftsbury Street, Coburg.

Designing and building my own house on Shaftsbury Street, Coburg after then 15 years of design and development experience in my own style was my proudest and most fulfilling achievement. It featured many favourite design ideas and of course the exterior was face blockwork, many hand cut by myself and with only one brick layer, we only laid a few bricks a day. I believe that although the house was completed in 2003 it has successfully stood the test of time.

Q: To date, my biggest business/design challenge has been?
A: Succession planning.

Having started my own design practice – Archsign – 25 years ago, it has seen its challenges come and go, but there was always a possibility of someone who has been with me now for 19 years to lead Archsign into the future.

Q: My favourite finish is?
A: Face brickwork, experimenting with any colours, textures, bonds and three-dimensional patterns. It’s a versatile material that lends itself to many styles even though it dates back to ancient times.

Q: The architectural style of the home I grew up in?
A: Mediterranean.

Growing up in a typical Italian family of five, our home was built in 1975 by my father, with Australian/Italian influences in the design. I am sure that one day the house will be heritage listed.

Q: I joined the BDAV because?
A: At the time that I joined 25 years ago I was a sole practitioner and had no-one to turn to for advice in the industry. The BDAV was a tremendous support and have been ever since. I can return the favour and be a mentor for others as a member of the BDAV committee.

Q: My favourite Australian building is?
A: Parliament House, Canberra designed by Romaldo Giurgola. Who else would build a government building below ground and allow you to walk all over them.

Q: My favourite inter-national building is?
A: Dubai.  It’s not one building but a cluster series of buildings which create the city. Many of my favourites exist within the cluster.

Q: My words of wisdom for a student building designer are?
A: Building design is a great platform for a career that can take you anywhere, whatever you do, do it well. Experience is gold; just be patient.

Q: When I was a child I wanted to be?
A: A furniture designer.

I loved working with timber when I was in high school, but my father preferred I did not get my hands dirty. I now have manicured office hands.

Q: Outside of work, I am passionate about?
A: I have travelled to many countries around the world and my future goals are to attend ALL the BDAV study tours. Fusion cuisine is my style of cooking. When I retire I hope to have a food truck to pass the time.

Q: At the moment I am reading?
A: Great cities of the world. A coffee table book with more pictures than words. Melbourne is featured.

Q: My life in four words?