Know Your Council

Data from the Know Your Council website provides information on statutory planning obligations for each of the 79 Victorian local government jurisdictions

The BDAV has prepared a summary from the Know Your Council website highlighting the data for each of the 79 Victorian local government jurisdictions in regard to some of the information captured on statutory planning obligations. The data captured addresses:

  • Timeliness – Time taken to decide planning applications (Median number of days taken between receipt of a planning application and a decision on the application);
  • Service standards – Planning applications decided within 60 days (Percentage of planning application decisions made within 60 days);
  • Decision making – Council planning decisions upheld at VCAT (Percentage of council planning application decisions subject to review by VCAT that were not set aside).

Members may want to use this information as a guide when advising their clients and planning their work schedules.

Some ‘Top 10’ of note from the data extracted from the Know Your Council site is also shown.

The BDAV will be using this information to assist with lobbying for reforms to the planning scheme as part of the Victorian Government’s Smart Planning Program.

The data captured was sourced from knowyourcouncil.vic.gov.au

Disclaimer: every care has been taken to transpose the information from the above website; however, the BDAV accepts no liability for any inadvertent mistransposing of any data contained herein.