Moat’s Corner

Moat’s Corner is a benchmark for quality residential design. Nestled elegantly within five acres of established gardens on a 53-acre property, its clean lines, colour palette, and use of natural materials make this home a clear standout.

Winner - 2019 Design of the Year

Good use of natural light and views of the expansive gardens from all aspects of the home

Completely elevated, the building gives the illusion of floating off the ground

Everything we come to expect as standard within a home has been re-thought

Moat’s Corner is a timeless, interactive haven, which celebrates its natural surroundings. To live in the home is to coexist with the garden. Vibe Design Group brings together form, function and appreciation of clever design to create a family home that fits within the existing footprint of the property, ensuring no detrimental impact to the natural vegetation.

The home’s orientation and floor plan has been carefully considered to make good use of natural light and views of the expansive gardens, while still allowing privacy for its inhabitants.

Completely elevated, the building gives the illusion of floating off the ground. Motorised glass sliding doors bring the outside in, allowing the residents to enjoy natural light from every room and a peaceful outlook on to the site’s gardens.

The glass cladding system provides reflections of the surrounding gardens, ensuring the occupants have a deep connection to nature. The well-considered floor plan and strategic use of materials ensures the occupants can celebrate the beauty of the five acres of landscaped gardens as they transition through the seasons.

The pivot entry door is the only solid matt element setting the tone of intrigue and discovery at the first point of entry. This simple, understated entrance hides a sleek, modernist inspired home for a growing family.

The carefully thought out floor plan creates an element of surprise as you navigate through the space. The separate master and bedroom wings function as a retreat for teenage children and parents alike, while the self-contained guest wing provides all the privacy and luxury of a secluded sanctuary.

The hallway of the bedroom wing has been designed to act as an interactive library with panelling forming as bookshelves. While the deep-set glass above, below and in-between the panelling ensures no views of the lush greenery outside are compromised.

Bathroom shelving is imagined as an offset black pocket within a white glass panel.

Sustainable practices have been thoughtfully incorporated without visual impact. Large underground water tanks are concealed, capturing every drop of rain from the expansive roof, for use in toilets, gardens and the pool.

Solar panels have been fitted to the farm shed and cabled back to the house, providing maximum benefit without the usual visual prominence. Passive sustainability measures are also an integral part of the design scheme, intentionally configured to capture light and natural ventilation.

A deep continual eave shields from the summer sun while embracing the winter warmth. Raised roof structures afford ventilation and light to centralised amenities.

The considered and gentle placement of the home affords minimal disturbance and overall impact on the landscape it nestles so closely to. To hero its natural setting is to strengthen our connection with it and the way we care for our immediate environment. But it’s the incorporation of innovative technologies and materials within the home that work in conjunction to deliver a new living standard for now and well into the future.


Designer: Vibe Design Group


Builder:  Icon Synergy

Structural Engineer: NSIENT Consulting Engineers

Building Surveyor: Nepean Building Permits

Photographer: Jack Lovel Photography



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European Window Co


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