NABD Awards to be a ‘Live’ Event

NABD Unveils 2017 National Design Awards ‘Flight Free’ ‘Live’ Event

The NABD National Design Awards, presented by the National Association of Building Designers, will have a unique twist.

On the 30th November 2017, if you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide, you can attend a Brickworks Studio for a LIVE awards presentation.

This fresh, green initiative, slashes carbon emissions, time out of the office and travel costs usually spent on a centralised traditional event.

The event will be broadcast LIVE between the Brickworks Studios in the above capital cities, providing a real time roll-out of the results around Australia.

Winners from the state design awards will be judged by a panel of national experts in September and October. Entries will be posted to the NABD Instagram (soon to be launched) and Facebook page.

This event is anticipated to host a record number of Building Designers and industry partners, and offers a unique chance to engage members around the country all at once. A small pool of category sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Hayley Sims for further details at hayleysimsevents@gmail.com or 0423 572 570.

12 projects from the winners of the 2017 BDAV Building Design Awards have been put forward for the NABD Awards, and we wish our Members every success in the national awards.