NatHERS accredited software tools to be based on the latest version of the Chenath Engine  

Software tools are being accredited to use the latest Chenath Engine (version 3.21). There will be some new features in the accredited software tools that have transitioned to the Chenath version 3.21. These are set out in the NatHERS Technical Note (Version June 2019) .

Waffle Pod Values:
The material values for waffle pods have been amended. There may be some need to adjust designs that may have rated at 6 stars with the ‘old’ waffle pod values.

Modelling of Common Underground Basement Carpark under Class 2 dwellings:
Individual apartment ratings that are located directly above an underground basement carpark should be modelled with the basement carpark zone (refer to Technical Notes, release June 2019).

Modelling of Unconditioned Common Corridor for Class 2:
Individual apartments that border a shared, unconditioned, common corridor with glazing or partial glazing should be modelled using the new corridor zone (refer to Technical Notes, release June 2019).

New Limestone material values:
If your dwelling has limestone cladding or flooring, you will now be able to select Limestone in the material library.

New NatHERS Certificate (formally known as the Universal Certificate):
All NatHERS software accredited using Chenath version 3.21 will start producing the new look NatHERS Certificate. During the transition period to Chenath version 3.21, if assessors are completing assessments using Chenath version 3.13, the new certificate may also be generated.

Improved modelling of Double Height Voids for Class 1:
Refer to your software for the improved modelling of double height voids.

Improved modelling of Slab Edge Insulation:
Refer to your software for the improved modelling of slab edge insulation.


Click here to read  NatHERS Technical Note (Version June 2019).