NatHERS Technical Note Updated

The NatHERS Administrator has released NatHERS Technical Note Version May 2019, which will come effective from 31 May 2019 for use with the software tools using CSIRO Chenath engine V3.13 and V3.21.

While largely reflecting the current Technical Note in intent, the new Technical Note has been extensively rewritten to improve structure and clarity, and to include a small number of changes to align with the new version of the Chenath Engine.

All BDAV accredited Thermal Performance Assessors have received notification of the revised technical note.

The NatHERS Administrator delivered a webinar outlining the amendments on Monday 29 April 2019.  For anyone who missed this CPD, it will be available from the BDAV webshop by the middle of May.

The NatHERS Technical Note can be downloaded from www.nathers.gov.au