Neolith Design Competition

Neolith Design Competition open to professionals, students, and fabricators

Neolith, the international company with headquarters in Spain, is holding the 4th edition of its design competition, open to professionals, students and fabricators.

Neolith is made from natural materials and comes in a huge range of colours and finishes to suit the most demanding applications.

Entries close 13 November 2017 at 23.59 Spanish time (equivalent to 7am AEST), and winners will be announced on 20 December 2017.

My Project

The ‘My Project’ category, with the theme ‘Neolith Hospitality’, is aimed at professionals from the fields of architecture, interior design and construction who have recently developed a Hospitality project, (understood as: hotels, tourist apartments, night clubs, pubs, restaurants, bars, cafés, leisure centres or travel) in which Neolith has been incorporated in at least two different applications. Projects must have been completed between 2013-2017. It is vital that all projects presented are finished.

Only one project can be nominated per participant.

For more information, or to enter, CLICK HERE.

New Talents

The ‘New Talents’ category, with the theme ‘Hotel with a Neolith charm and soul’, is aimed at students of architecture, design and interior design.

Students can let their imagination run wild to create a Neolith Hotel, designing the different spaces that make it up.

With no limit on budget and square metres, students must design its exterior and interior aspects designing the façade, reception and a complete ensuite bathroom, with the aim of showing the versatility of Neolith both in interior and exterior spaces. For this, Neolith must be integrated into at least two different applications in each room.

It is essential to specify the number of Neolith surfaces of each model that will be used, indicating what each one will be used for and also justifying the use of the material for each application (cladding, paving, furniture, worktops, etc.). As well as explaining the reason for selecting the chosen Neolith colors, to make the ambience of the spaces.

Any student from universities and schools of architecture and design who are registered on at least one subject for the 2016-2017 and/or 2017-2018 school year at any university, higher education centre for architecture, interior architecture, design and any other study centres and similar subjects can take part.

Each entrant, either individually or as a pair, will be able to present a maximum of two proposals.

For more information, or to enter, CLICK HERE.

Top Fabricator

In the ‘Top Fabricator’ category, with the theme ‘Best Workshop of the Year,’ Neolith wishes to continue getting to know and recognizing the most detailed and difficult projects that the workshop professional, the marble worker, carries out. These ‘little great works of art’ of immense technical complexity, which require the know-how, genius and skill of great professionals to produce them.

To do so will require projects that are technically complicated to carry out, and that have been crafted with Neolith between 2014-2017 to be presented.

This category is open to workshops and marble workers who have carried out complex work with Neolith between 2014-2017.

Each participant can present one or more projects.

For more information, or to enter, CLICK HERE.