New BDAV President

BDAV Announces New President: Dominique Hunter

The Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) has announced that Dominique Hunter has been named President of the Association.

After a two-year term, former President Lindsay Douglas has passed the baton to Dominique to lead the Association as the 17th President. She will work closely with Vice-President Ingrid Hornung and Treasurer Peter Lombadozzi to support building designers and the wider design professional community.

Ms Hunter brings more than 20 years’ design expertise and industry knowledge to the role, and has served on the Committee of Management for 12 years, having held both the Treasurer and Vice-President positions.

The incoming President said she is delighted to have been appointed to lead the organisation, and is looking forward to driving the BDAV’s long-term objectives.

“I am passionate about creating efficient design solutions, great business management and the broader design industry. I am deeply honoured to lead the BDAV’s Committee of Management,” she said.

“I’m excited to work with the BDAV members to expand the organisation’s offerings and support designers to create strong, sustainable designs.”

Dominique’s ambition is to help the Association shape a cohesive design industry, built on teamwork and collaboration amongst all design parties. She will drive the celebration of good building design through education, advocacy and communication.

Driven by classic design, Dominique’s expertise is in space planning and creating an optimal living space that maximises the surrounding environment with sustainable features.

She is the founder and design director at Hunter and Richards, and is a Victorian Registered Building Practitioner.

Dominique Hunter
Dominique Hunter

About the BDAV

Founded in 1983, the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) is the peak not-for-profit industry body representing 1,800 building design professionals.

BDAV members are in high demand and are involved in the design of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and all other types of buildings.

BDAV’s membership also consists of draftspersons, interior designers, service designers, town planners, surveyors, architects and energy raters.

The BDAV has gained acceptance amongst government agencies and industry groups as an authority on building design issues, and its views are sought and respected. BDAV is also an Assessor Accrediting Organisation under the Nationwide House Energy Rating (NatHERS) Scheme, and is able to accredit thermal performance assessors and home sustainability assessors Australia-wide.

The BDAV hosts an annual Building Design Awards to promote excellence in building design, and encourages its members to embrace sustainable design and energy-efficient homes in both the annual Awards programs.

BDAV is a founding member of the National Association of Building Designers (NABD), which provides a national voice for building designers and promotes the building design profession and the excellent work carried out by building designers.