Plug for Podcasts


Talking Architecture & Design podcast series talks about a range of issues that affect Australia’s  architects, building designers and built environment professionals.

These podcasts give a regular bitesized  dose of what is important and sometimes what is just plain old interesting to anyone and everyone in the business of building design.

Here is a summary of the latest 9 episodes:

Episode 17:

Russel Harris, Craig Brennan and Cecelia Wells explain the importance of windows, window design and window technology.

Episode 16:

Tone Wheeler talks women in sustainability, New York, urbanism, transport, safety and what’s wrong with Canberra.

Episode 15:

Koos de Keijzer, principal of DKO Architecture talks urbanism, good vs bad design and why architects are more than just 3D enablers.

Episode 13:

Nick Deeks from WT Partnership talks about the future of infrastructure.

Episode 12:

 Graham McCabe from Urbis talks transport & urban design.

Episode 11:

Philip Vivian talks on the sustainable benefits of timber architecture, the urgent need for urban densification, building for the long term, affordable housing and automation in design.

Episode 10:

Ed Horton from The Stable Group talks about sustainable building, limitations of the legacy approach to building, challenging convention, adaptive reuse of old buildings, the need for councils to incentivise sustainability, the embedded electricity network trend, and the housing market.

Episode 9:

Paolo Bevilacqua talks on the increased focus on sustainability among developers, residential solar installations, energy security, community microgrids and Fraser’s green power push.

Episode 8:

Architect, academic and educator Tone Wheeler talks about architecture needing purpose and place, localisation, sustainability and the growing population, robots, and the need to ‘slow it down’.


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