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Four Corners Report: Investigating Australia's apartment building crisis

Widespread shortcomings in the building sector – including building defects, cost cutting, substandard work and a lack of oversight and public protection – have been laid bare in Four Corners’ report Cracking Up.

The report comes in the aftermath of evacuations at Mascot Towers and Opal Tower in Sydney after the buildings were found to be structurally unsound.

For 20 years the nation’s city skylines have been changing with the building of more than 650,000 apartments across the country.

The focus of traditional Aussie dream of a house in the burbs has evolved into sophisticated apartment living and high-end finishes. But the shine has come off the apartment property boom with the recent emergency evacuation of two residential apartment blocks earlier this year.

Experts speak to Four Corners about the problem stretches across the country and many apartments built in the last 20 years are likely to contain some kind of defect.

The report can be viewed on iview or at www.abc.net.au/4corners/cracking-up/11431474