Project: Yamaha Music Australia

“Yamaha’s new workspace is a stunning multi-functional and acoustic-controlled space which invites staff, clients and visitors to appreciate the beauty of intricately made musical instruments from the moment they enter.”

Winner Non-Residential Interior Design

  • The main inspiration for the design were the beautiful Yamaha instruments which were incorporated into the design in a gallery-like fashion
  • Every surface had to be evaluated so as it would fulfil the function of the space
  • The solution sound required building rooms within rooms, creating sound buffers in false floors and ceilings

Stepping into the office of Yamaha Music Australia is like stepping in to a musical sanctuary. Inspired by the sophisticated shape of Yamaha’s instruments, STUDIOMINT has created an impeccable interior design that not only reflects the brand, but heroes its products as works of art.

The inspiration for this project was drawn from Yamaha’s deep music roots combined with Japanese influence. The multi-faceted space allows for a modern office environment, to work amongst auditoriums, sound recording studios, an AV theatre, and to top it all off, a grandiose entry/events space to welcome guests.

The main project challenge was to design a multi-faceted space which had competing acoustic demands. This included a large 90 person open-office environment that shared space with an 80 person auditorium playing live acoustic and/or amplified music, an active silent music/sound recording studio, a silent AV theatre room and an events place that would be used within standard working hours.

The project challenge was overcome through a clear understanding of each rooms acoustic requirements and extensive research into varied acoustic properties of building materials on the market. Every surface had to be evaluated to ensure it would fulfil the function of the space, but also did not compromise on the design. The magic happened, when we ran workshops between the client, acoustic consultants, materials suppliers and the design team, to effectively provide the final solutions.

The building itself was a new standard pre-cast four (4) level commercial building without any acoustic treatment between floors, and presented as a blank canvas that had suggested a modern and slightly industrial aesthetic, which beautifully contrasted the inspired design of a refined musical instrument.

The rear common concrete wall of the building, became a conductor of sound and posed the main challenge to meet the acoustic requirements. The main front environmentally friendly
windows allowing natural light and air into the space, were not sound-friendly posing another challenge to creating a recording studio that was positioned toward the street.

The solution for sound was overcome by building rooms within rooms, creating sound buffers in false floors, ceilings and exceptional wall insulation. STUDIOMINT used a layering system of sound-proof curtains to treat the windows that faced the street.

During the build, there was access to only one lift at a time so coordination of materials to site and storage needed to be a well planned and considered process. Delivery of the materials were scheduled and delivered through the stairwell… the new staircase had to be craned in through the windows!

The main inspiration for the design was the beautiful Yamaha instruments, the aesthetic of which STUDIOMINT implemented throughout the design including a gallery-like fashion as
precious works of art. The display, events/entrance area, music studio and breakout areas celebrated their magic of music.

The primary feature was not one area or a material application, but the experience of leaving the elevator doors and stepping into a musical sanctuary. The combination of the grand piano, warm flickering of the fire place, and the historical instruments in the glass displays evoke ones journey through Yamaha’s brand history.

The importance of supporting local manufacturers was taken into consideration when looking for products, as this not only benefits our local industry, but also reduces the carbon footprint of the goods being delivered to site. Use of natural timber with natural stains allowed for ease of upkeep, and future instances where they would have the ability to be sand down and refurbished, changing the whole aesthetic of the space if need be.

The final result, was one that that fulfilled the functional brief, assisted in brand evolution and allowed tenants to flourish.


Designer:                            STUDIOMINT        studiomint.com.au

Builder:                               DLL Contracting

Project Manager:            Kontract Interiors

Interior Designer:           Harry Nguyen, Ling Gui, Alla DeLion

Building Surveyor:         Alexander Group Building Surveyors

Photographer:                  Peter Clarke Photography


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Yamaha Music
Yamaha Music
Yamaha Music is a project that evokes positive memories long after its completion. Starting with a sophisticated client, knowledgeable enough to challenge details, yet allowing creative design freedom.
STUDIOMINT Yamaha Music Australia