Student Ambassador Report

On Thursday 13 June, Jennifer Papaikonomou, our RMIT BDAV Student Ambassador, represented the BDAV at the RMIT Graduation of Building Design Students.

Jennifers report…

The third year graduation presentation at RMIT went extremely well where there lots of people attended, and surprisingly a few people who were just walking by RMIT decided to pop in and check out the students final works.

From what I gathered from the event a good number of graduates were already getting interviews, and were out in the market looking for roles.

There were a couple of students who indicated that they were considering moving on to Architecture, and a couple of graduates who were considering backing up their studies with some further study in interior design.


BDAV Student Ambassadors act as a link between the BDAV, the education Institution and the student community. They share their experience and knowledge with prospective students, parents, teachers and career advisers and provide student feedback on how to better engage with the BDAV.


Ambassadors are required to attend various on-campus and off-campus events including Open Day, Info Day, career markets, school visits, and other promotional events. They are to form a State Committee that consists of a president , a steering committee and uphold the charter and activities to advance the BDAV brand, role and engagement with Building Design students, their respective education institutions and the State as a whole.


Ambassadors receive a day of training with information sessions from key program staff, and undertake activities that help to practice and develop presentation, facilitation and communication skills.