A Stylish Steel Exterior for the Home

COLORBOND® steel's durable walling solution offers a stylish steel exterior

Constant wear and tear on the exterior of a home can leave it looking tired, dull and uninspired. Wall cladding made from COLORBOND® steel can change that, whilst still offering the benefits of security and durability.

A stylish choice for walling is COLORBOND® steel, as it has a superior oven-baked finish that resists chipping, peeling and cracking, to offer a durable walling solution. COLORBOND® steel is an advanced cladding material due to its strong ZINCALUME® steel base which provides outstanding anti-corrosion performance and a durable exterior grade baked top-coat.

When installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, walling made from COLORBOND® steel is non-combustible and weather-tight. The exterior of the home will be protected against the harsh Australian weather conditions such as rain, wind and hail. Easily maintained, walling made from COLORBOND® steel requires only natural rainfall or an occasional wash down for areas protected from rain.

Steel walling is also a popular choice because of its appearance and design flexibility. With 20 designer colours, COLORBOND® steel has a range of shades to suit your walling needs with soft hues inspired by the Australian landscape, rich traditional heritage tones and crisp colours for contemporary designs.

Colours can be mixed or matched and the direction of the walling can be contrasted to create movement and interesting walling patterns. With its clean lines, walling made from COLORBOND® steel creates attractive walling that works well in conjunction with a range of materials including bricks, timber and rendering.

BlueScope Steel offers a warranty of up to 12 years for corrosion and paint flaking and peeling* on COLORBOND® steel used in residential walling applications.

For further information on COLORBOND® Steel call 1800 022 999 or visit www.colorbond.com.

* Warranty subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building, see www.bluescopesteel.com.au/warranties.