Tales from the Audit Trenches

Monica Vandenberg provides advice to help TPAs in undertaking a NatHERS Assessment

Every year, as part of BDAV’s Assessor Accrediting Organisation commitments, 20% of Assessors are randomly picked for a QA review and have one of their NatHERS files assessed. The BDAV tabulates the core issues that trend in the assessments and use the data outputs for future improvements by collaborating with NatHERS and CPD training providers.

So what do TPAs who have been audited think about the process? We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many TPAs very grateful for having simple (and easily avoidable) mistakes identified and reinforcement in the areas in which they are doing well. So we asked our auditors their top core system/process/tasks that would help TPAs in undertaking a NatHERS Assessment.

Number one on their list was to use a Quality Assurance System i.e. a checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything when undertaking an assessment. If you don’t have a QA process or the one you have needs some tweaking, the BDAV has created a TPA QA System. It comprises of a three-page checklist to use as a guide to ensuring your personal QA procedures address all the major items of an energy rating.

It is the number 1 tool that BDAV auditors use when making assessments.

BDAV Members can find the QA System in the Member pages of the BDAV website under BDAV Practice Notes: TPN003-2017 Energy Rater Quality Assurance Checklist.

Monica Vandenberg is the BDAV’s Thermal Performance Assessor Executive Officer. Thank you to Tim Adams for his input in this article.