The Beauty of Marble

Introducing Unique Calacatta™, the design surface from Essastone by Laminex®

Calacatta marble is stunning, but has always come with compromises. While beautiful, natural Calacatta marble is expensive and very hard to maintain, engineered stone Calacatta has overcome these durability issues, but has always looked fake…until now. Introducing Unique Calacatta™, the first Calacatta engineered stone that’s truly inspired by the original marble.

Natural marble has always been sought after by the design-savvy for its refined beauty. Enter Unique Calacatta, which allows architects, designers, builders and homeowners to recreate the look of marble without the high maintenance. It allows customers to create striking residential and commercial spaces that are not only luxurious, but functional.

What sets Unique Calacatta apart from other engineered stone is its ultra-realistic representation – like real marble, it features the bold grey veining and pristine white background that have made Calacatta marble such an alluring choice. Unique Calacatta is a versatile and timeless choice suitable for a range of applications, including benchtops, splashbacks and interior wall linings.

“Our design team embraced the elegant detail found in natural Calacatta marble,” says Susan Foley, Communications Marketing Manager, Laminex. “In Essastone Unique Calacatta we believe inspiration and functionality can finally blend stylishly together.”

Unique Calacatta is available in both gloss and honed finishes, allowing customers to bring their unique design vision to life. Laminex’s Design Marketing Manager, Catherine Valente, says the honed finish makes it stand out from its competitors.

“Our customers are increasingly drawn to the natural elements,” she says. “Technology gives us the ability to take the beauty of natural stone and apply it to a more practical benchtop.”

Produced in Europe using up to 95% quartz, Unique Calacatta offers the same quality and durability of all Essastone products, with a 15-year warranty – five years longer than many competing products. The virtually non-porous surfaces are resistant to scratching, citrus acid marks and don’t need sealing, offering a consistent quality.

“Engineered stone is well known for its versatility, and this range has the additional benefit of large-format panels, to facilitate larger installations and fewer join lines. As with all Essastone decors, Unique Calacatta has been designed to complement the Laminex colour palette, providing an unrivalled palette of harmonised benchtop and cabinetry options,” says Ms Foley.