The House and Garden of the Future

Ecoliv Buildings, one of the businesses of BDAV Member, Ashley Beaumont, showcased their homes in ‘The House and Garden of the Future’ at last month’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show held 27-31 March 2019 at the gardens surrounding the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.

A revolutionary display house and urban pop-up farm, demonstrating how the use of sustainable technology can slash energy bills and outperform the average Australian home.

Taking a sustainable, low-cost approach to living is quickly becoming imperative for Australians. So, how can families adopt better environmental practices while cutting household costs? The answers were found at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, where award-winning builder, Ecoliv, joined forces with likeminded businesses to introduce ‘The House and Garden of the Future’. It was an exciting, interactive display, giving visitors the opportunity to see, feel, touch and listen to the benefits of sustainable living and how they can integrate it easily into their lifestyle.


From harnessing solar energy, using water efficiently and utilising renewable materials in the home, to establishing a self-fertilising garden, visitors had the opportunity to explore it all in person at ‘The House and Garden of the Future’ exhibition. Collaborating with Brendan Condon, Director of Biofilta, Live at the Cape and The Sustainable Landscape Company, Ecoliv showcased the benefits of leading a self-sufficient lifestyle. Experts across the board were also be on hand to educate and explain the ground-breaking technology that is shifting sustainability to the forefront of innovative thought and design.


Ecoliv transported and installed the Eco Studio prefabricated module to ‘The House and Garden of the Future’ site, to effectively demonstrate how resource-efficient living can be paired perfectly with luxury and style. Modern and comfortable, visitors meandered through the Eco Studio and discovered exactly what’s on offer, and those that wished, made an offer. Perfect for a studio workspace, eco-luxury accommodation or a unit for dependent living, the design lends itself to a multitude of purposes.

Ash Beaumont, Director of Ecoliv, says, “Building a quality home today goes well beyond first-rate workmanship and superior materials. Being able to significantly reduce household energy
bills while minimising our carbon footprint over the lifecycle of the building is our priority, and this will continue to grow considerably throughout the industry in coming years. It’s about creating a self-sustaining lifestyle and benefiting from the long-term savings.”

A short stroll outside the display studio immersed visitors in the wonder of a fully functioning loop productive garden, presented by Biofilta. The exhibit featured live demonstrations on the ingenious processes involved in self-sufficient food growing systems, along with an exciting glimpse into the sustainable practices of tomorrow.

Ash Beaumont also presented on the Main Stage in the Royal Exhibition Buildings on the Sunday of the event, addressing the significance of sustainable practice and its positively powerful
impact on Australian homes and families, He discussed Ecoliv’s five Environmental Goals that are in place for every build they undertake, which include:

– Energy Efficiency
– Water Efficiency
– Natural and Renewable Materials
– Indoor Environment Quality
– Waste Reduction

He also focused on the invaluable practice of using timber sourced from Gippsland’s renewable plantations. “The importance of building with renewable and recyclable materials is undisputable. We focus on using locally sourced renewable plantation timber in the construction of each home. It’s not only a natural insulator that reduces energy requirements, but it’s also versatile, lightweight and minimises the environmental impact of house construction”, he said.