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Todd's Top Apps - a monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry.

Mark up

Just a quick shout out to a handy little tool built into iOS operating systems. This is “Markup” accessible when opening any image format or composing a text etc. Yes, there are more sophisticated markup tools for PDF’s, sketches and photos – but this is simple, quick to deploy and use and already on your phone.  If you’re not using it now – might be time to find it and give it a try; you may be pleasantly surprised how convenient it is when on the move and need to do a quick mark up of an image file.

Reolink Wireless camera

A few years ago, I put out a call to members to see if anyone could offer a solution for onsite camera feed. Possible Wi-Fi enabled and able to record time-lapse video of projects. I spent a reasonable amount of time speaking with professional outfits and looking at IP camera offerings from the likes of Kogan, eBay and other reputable purveyors of cheap tech – I fiddled a fair bit and couldn’t really hobble anything workable together with the skills I had to achieve what I wanted to.

Roll forward a few years and a client of mine asks if I could sort out a camera for his site so he could see it live etc. – I told him that I’d looked a while ago and didn’t have a go to system I could recommend. Two weeks later he drops off a Reo-link camera and asks if it could be installed on site. Which I was happy to do.  So, what we now have is a fully self-contained camera complete with SIM card – which can be accessed anywhere in the world, motion sensing, cloud enabled, microphone and speaker all powered by a solar panel! Are you kidding me – and all for a tenth of the price of the option available only a few short years ago! Even comes with a camouflage sleeve to blend in with whatever tree you might have mounted it in.  Well worth a look if site cameras would be handy on any projects you might be involved with.

Ski Tracks

Ok this might be a little late in the season; however, if you are a skier and or intend to take it up in the next month or so…and you love data… then maybe take a look at Ski tracks. Much like other sports trackers for cycling or running – ski tracks is made for skiing.  It tracks your activity; how many runs you’ve done (don’t use this to work out the cost of each lift up based on the ticket price – well not whilst you’re near a steep cliff anyway), max speed, how many days you’ve skied, vertical distances and altitude etc. So a bit of fun if snow sports is your thing to track and log your activity to later regale whomever will listen at the après ski location of your choice.

If any other members use or know any new or interesting websites, tech or apps, please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll share it with the other members.


Todd Pearce

September 2019