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Todd’s Top Apps – a monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry.

By Todd Pearce, Design Matters Member


I suspect I’m not the only person who make more than their fair share of trips to Bunnings. I suspect many of you have also worked out that having a power pass entitles you to discounts (not huge – but better in your pocket than someone else’s I guess). If you are using Powerpass – then downloading the app is essential. It allows you to price check in store using the camera, check previous purchases and review receipts (super handy if there is a warranty or return situation). Although I haven’t been game to try it – apparently you can also self-checkout/scan? Finally if you load a credit card onto the app – you can even pay for your goods using the app at the counter (or presumably at the self-checkout area).

IOS 13

Many of you with idevices will have been prompted recently to upgrade the operating system. It’s a good idea to get this done – good from a security perspective but also necessary to get onto to all the new features. Generally, a big operating system update occurs around the time that new products are launched – typically to prepare all devices to play nicely with the new ones. But also, they like to save all the new features and roll them out as part of the push for their new product line. There are too many changes to list here. Accept that it is inevitable you will update at some point – so might as well do it now if you haven’t already and enjoy the new features.


Drafts is an app that set out to take anything written and help you do something with it when you decide to. So instead of opening a raft of different apps to then do a different thing. For example, you might want to write down an idea or a license plate number or whatever – it doesn’t matter if you then decide to add it to your notes, email it, text it to someone. Drafts allows you to select where you want it to go and it will open the app and drop the text in for you ready to go. It will probably need some adjustment but I suspect this may well be very handy for some – who want to get the information down quickly without giving it too much thought – then decide what to do with it later.

If any other members use or know any new or interesting websites, tech or apps, please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll share it with the other members