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A monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry.

Quick Plan Pro

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from professionals in any kind of business, but particularly the design & construction industry is……..What’s a good time and project management solution?

It a tricky one as there are quite a few around – they all have different things they do well and other things they don’t. Many that I’ve looked at just seem too hard out of the box and leave you feeling like maybe it will take more time to run than it will save you or assist you in managing deadlines and projects.

Well recently I come across an app that I honestly think most people would get some very solid use out of. Quick Plan Pro quickly, easily and very intuitively allows you to map out a project in a very interactive Gantt format. You can allocate tasks, costs

and resources to each task. You are in complete control of the structure of the project and can build projects within projects if you wish. Linking tasks to each other is easy as is making changes on the fly. Additionally, you are able to track each task based on % complete.

Whether you simply want to use this for a project over a few weeks or to manage a huge project over a year this will help you do it. It is sharable via popular cloud options such as iCloud, Drop box, Airdrop and others. It’s possible to send individual workflows to different team members – and will allow you to export out to MS project if you wish.

It’s not going to send out invoices, track time spent or make you coffee – what it does do is let you plan and monitor how your plan is moving along. What it does it does really really well. I was up and running on small project plans in only an hour or so and then over the course of a few days, catching hours here and there have mapped out an entire project plan for design projects. I think I may have looked up one thing on a help file. The down side is that its only for IOS and MAC.

If you only buy 1 app this year this one is absolutely worth a look and your money if you need to plan and track projects on any kind of basis. Awesome tool to discuss timelines with clients and bosses alike – or optimise a project once you can see the project work flow and where you can capture refinements and optimisations.