Todd’s Top Apps

A monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry. Compiled by Todd Pearce, MBDAV, September 2018

Schlage Sense

Anyone contemplating a smart lock – the Schlage Sense is worth a look. Not only can it do the usual unlock from your phone and keyless entry tricks, but, coupled with the app, it’s quite a handy bit of kit. Completely compatible with home kit if you’re invested in Apple infrastructure; however, as a stand-alone app it allows you to assign individual codes to up to 30 people. These codes can then be assigned to only operate at certain times of day and only on certain days if you wish. The lock app will give you complete history of the comings and goings of each code and will even flash up a message on your phone if you ask it to, every time the lock is accessed. If you’re using siri products you can even use “hey siri – unlock the door” and it will comply. Easy to install and even easier to use.


It was only a little while ago we discussed the Hue sensor – however I’ve recently realised it has another string to its bow. Typically, the sensor’s main purpose is to turn the Hue smart lights on and off when there’s movement detected at different times, ambient light levels and the like. However, I just realised that they also sense the temperature. This is reported on the Home Kit app – which is interesting to know in terms of various temperature zones. I haven’t quite worked out if the temperature can be used to operate any automation functions, but I thought it was cool so thought I’d point it out for anyone using the Hue suite of products, in case you hadn’t seen it yet.


Another little update snippet here. The latest Sonos updates now allows airplay integration. Simply put, those who are used to the Apple air play found on various speaker systems is now joined by Sonos. So, with the appropriate updates, you can now see the Sonos system and access it via the normal airplay method. Great news for those who have both systems or just want to allow others to quickly connect and play their content to the Sonos set up. A good little update.

If any other members use or know any new or interesting apps, please drop Todd a line to info@bdav.org.au and he’ll share with other members.