Todd’s Top Apps

A monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry. Compiled by Todd Pearce, MBDAV, November 2018


If you are rocking an iPhone and recently updated to IOS 12 you may have noticed a new app appear called Measure. Measure is a native app to the IOS update which provides an Augmented Reality measuring feature. Using the camera and an onscreen pointer you can pan around an object and the dimensions will be calculated by the app. So, if you get caught without a tape measure and need to do some quick measuring, this should get you out of trouble. I think it’s fair to say a bit of sense checking would be a good idea; and I certainly wouldn’t recommend relying on this for a joinery site measure! It also has a very intuitive dual circle level feature, which actually seems pretty accurate.


Anyone involved in site works or perhaps even quantity take offs for decks (and I suppose to some extent timber sub-floors – you may need to have a play with it to see if you can get it to work) may benefit from the Quick Decks app. Essentially a calculator for all the materials required to build a deck. Simply add in the size of the deck you intend to build, the preferred spans and spacings and it will work out the rest, everything from a material take off right down the how much concrete is required for the stumps and how many nails you need to buy. Anyone working in this space might find this tool very useful as a quick calculator – and perhaps even rely on it completely after a few test-runs to make sure you get the same results the old way you calculate things.


Stair help is a handy little stair calculator. Designed to assist you to establish all the necessary measurements for a stair. Simply add in the variables and let the app do all the calculations and represent it in an easy to read diagram. Probably not much use to you if you’re sitting in front of your CAD machine. However if you’re on site or have some plans out on a boardroom table and need a few dimensions to assist you to work out what space you have or need – this app could be a handy one to keep on your device for reference.

If any other members use or know any new or interesting apps, please drop Todd a line to info@bdav.org.au and he’ll share with other members.