Todd’s Top Apps

A monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry. Compiled by Todd Pearce, MBDAV, December 2018

‘One Pass’ and Last Pass

As we head towards the end of the year, perhaps this is the right time to remind everyone of the importance of protecting your privacy. It simply is so important to maintain a vigilant approach to passwords. With all the connected devices that are available, subscriptions for apps and cloud services etc. it is impossible to keep coming up with and remembering different and difficult passwords. Many of you will have the same password for many things, this is really not a good idea. Any one of the places you use your email and the same passwords, if their systems are compromised means a diligent hacker could get access to this information and start to do some research and just try it on your Facebook account or your email and may just get lucky.

The best way to do this is by having both strong and different passwords for every account you have. Doing this without help is a mission and I’m not sure it’s practical or sensible to try. So what’s the answer then? A password manager. These apps have a single password which then opens up your password vault – they can often generate random and very complex passwords when requested and automatically fill them in when signing in and whenever you need to use it to log in. You will then only need to remember the one password but have an infinite number of unique and strong passwords. Some of these programs even have databases of all passwords it sniffs out on the dark web and will let you know if it’s found one of yours, so you can quickly change it before anything untoward occurs. I’ve done a bit of research… I think the pick of the bunch is either One Password or Last Pass. Do yourselves a favour and put something in place; we all take privacy for granted but it’s not much fun when we lose it.

Trig Solver

OK if you’re sitting at your CAD machine, this app will never get turned on. However if you just need a quick and simple triangle solver when away from your machine and can’t remember SohCahToa or Pythagoras’ theorem – then this is a low rent handy little app to get you out of a pickle. Simply add in the angles and dimensions that you know, hit calculate, and the triangle is solved for you. Handy for working out all sorts of grades, pitches or positions of things on site or when looking at some plans.

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