Todd’s Top Apps

A monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry.

PDF Compare

Well not really an App – but a feature within an App.  I’ve been using Adobe Acrobat for years and hadn’t realised until recently that there is a PDF compare tool.  Essentially you can load side by side document hit the go button and it will run through both documents and identify all the differences between the two.  Super handy for checking revised versions of contracts, specifications and legal documents – nothing worse than missing some fine print.  I haven’t tried it on a set of plans and I’m sure there would be other apps and programs that offer this feature. Now to find out if this is available on Word and Excel documents.


Work live balance taking a hit.  Need a little rest time or maybe like to start or finish the day off on the right footing. Headspace is an app that can guide you through a meditation session any time you need one.  Offering in excess of 100 meditations there is bound to be one that suits you. Sometimes it’s important to acknowledge that you are an important resource so maybe an app to assist you to reset, recharge and relax is a good investment.


Not on top of all the latest songs? Still like listening to the radio every now and then? You know who you are.  Not everyone is streaming on Spotify and Apple music so the name of a particular song may not be a simple matter of reading what’s on the screen.  Shazam is a simple app that allows you to fire it up – it will listen to part of the song you are playing and tell you exactly what it’s called and the artist. Its will even show you where you can download or purchase the song.

If any other members use or know any new or interesting websites, tech or apps, please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll share it with the other members.