TPA Support

Did you know Design Matters engages with professionals and experts in the industry on a range of relevant issues affecting or impacting Thermal Performance Assessors.

Our Environment and Sustainability Hub Advisory Board and Technical Advisory Committee provide practical and technical knowledge to anything from software issues to policy and regulation implications. They meet regularly to discuss a range of topics and how they might affect energy raters in practice and more broadly within the industry while also using their experience and knowledge to advocate for our members.


Our Quality Assurance auditors have extensive experience in producing energy assessments and understanding the requirements of particular software or regulation and aim to provide comprehensive, constructive feedback as part of this process. We understand many of our members often work in isolation and the audit process provides a thorough examination of assessments while identifying opportunities for improvement to practice and may even increase efficiency!


Design Matters also draw upon very knowledgeable and efficient Help Desk expertise to get the answers you need to keep you going in your energy assessments. Simply email info@designmatters.org.au stating your issue and software version and know that help is at hand.

If it matters to you, it matters to us.