TPA Update

New qualifications and software updates all Energy Raters should be aware of.

New qualification

As of now, the new qualification, CPP41119 – Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability is the only one being offered to new students.

The old CPP41212 – Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment, is considered ‘equivalent’ to the new qualification.

All NatHERS Accredited Assessors must hold a Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (Thermal Performance Assessment) (CPP41119) OR the old, but equivalent  certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment (CPP41212).


For those of you who are accredited in FirstRate5, we remind you of recent announcements on 7 & 8 November respectively.

There is a problem with how some folders are named in the AFRC Custom Windows library included in FR5 v5.2.11 (3.13). The problem relates to the fact that some manufacturers’ windows
are contained in two folders because folders have been named in slightly different ways. If you are looking for a window from an affected manufacturer you may need to check both folders. SV has advised AFRC and will aim to include an updated custom windows library with our next software release.

The FirstRate5 preview certificate has changed to enhance the security. Preview certificates generated on the FirstRate5 website will be converted to images and a greater area of each page will be covered by the preview watermark. These changes will increase the file size of a preview certificate to approximately 1 MB. These changes will not affect the production of the final purchased certificate in anyway.

Hstar Portal

For those who are accredited to use BERS Pro and Accurate, CSIRO reported on 7 November on the following improvements that schedule in due course:

New certificate design for NCC2019 compliant software

  • NCC2019 Generator has been built from the ground up
  • New PDF(s) are significantly smaller in size
  • Watermarks have been added as an additional security measure

New report for AAO(s)

  • Displays number of certificates generated in any given month(s)

Improved Advanced Search and Jobs performance 

  • Modified database indexes and queries to return results 20 times faster

Rewrite of object relational mapper (backend change)

  • To increase overall site performance

We will keep BERS Pro and Accurate Users informed whether the new reports that will be available for AAO could potentially see the end of your obligation to upload your files to our website.