VBA Five-Year Licence

Webber Insurance Responds to Member Query re VBA Five-Year Licence

A BDAV Member has queried: “In regard to the VBA 5 Year licence, the VBA have instructed that they require all the forms in no later than 3 months of expiry, as below from the VBA:

    If you do not apply to renew your registration at least three months before its expiry, your application may not be approved before your registration expires.
    If your registration expires, you cannot lawfully carry out work that only a registered building practitioner can perform. In this case, you must not use the title of registered building practitioner or call yourself registered.

The Member went on to say: “I have all the data except the Certificate of Currency from the insurer, that I normally get a couple of months before expiry.”

The BDAV referred the query to Webber Insurance, who is BDAV’s preferred insurance agent. Their response was as follows:

  • Yes we’re certainly across this, and have already sorted out a significant number.
    The only time there is an issue is if the designer’s registration falls due AFTER the insurance renewal date, i.e. if the insurance policy is due 30th September and the 5 year registration is 1 October, we need to change the policy.
    The requirement for 5 year registration is to provide a certificate of currency showing you have cover ON THE DATE of your registration. This is different to normal registration where you need to show cover for the 12 MONTH PERIOD of your registration.

Webber went on to say they have now added a new question on the renewal declaration to ensure they’re getting it right:

  • What is the renewal date of your VBA Registration?

Webber Insurance are happy to assist Members with any further queries, and can be contacted via email at bdav@webberinsurance.com.au or via phone at 1300 668 553.

Members who are with other insurers should contact your insurer for guidance/clarification.