VBA Five Year Registration Renewal Delays

VBA currently has a backlog of building practitioner five-year registration renewals to be processed

The Victorian Building Authority has advised that they currently have a backlog of building practitioner five year registration renewals to be processed. BDAV has been informed that if a registered practitioner is listed on the VBA’s ‘Find a Practitioner’ website, even if your anniversary date has lapsed, that practitioner is considered registered.

To protect your registration, the BDAV highly recommends the following:

  • Know your anniversary date and when your 5 year registration renewal will occur (see table below). If correspondence is not received by the VBA 4-5 months prior to your anniversary date, follow them up.
  • VBA will notify you (approximately 6 months prior to your anniversary date) to explain when and how to renew your registration. That notification will include a deadline (approximately 3 months prior to the anniversary date) for submission. To ensure your registration is in the system, we urge you to make lodgement by that deadline.
  • Ensure that you receive a written confirmation of lodgement from the VBA.
  • If your anniversary is looming and you have yet to receive either a request for further information or notification of 5 year registration renewal, then contact the VBA and ask for confirmation that while your registration has not yet been processed it is still current.

Reminder, that transition to five year registration will occur as set out in the below table: