VBA Registration Renewal

VBA Registration Renewal – Do you have the correct form?

If you are in the process of completing your paperwork for VBA registration renewal, just take a moment to ensure you are using the most recent form. The Building Practitioner Registration Renewal form is available at the below link.

Due to legislation changes introduced 1 July 2018, the form was updated to include additional requirements relating to excluded person, personal/financial probity and partnerships declarations.

However, if you have already lodged your application using the old FORM 5A, do not be concerned; the VBA will write to you and ask you to complete the additional information. If this request comes, we recommend that you respond to it as soon as possible to ensure your registration is not affected.

While we don’t have any more information, if you would like to discuss please contact Evelyn at the BDAV’s office, on (03) 9416 0227.