What You Need To Know About Five Year Re-Registration

On 1 September 2016, a five year registration period was introduced for building practitioner registrations as part of changes to the Building Act 1993. All existing practitioners will need to transition to the new five year period on their renewal date post 1 July 2017.

For existing practitioners, the transition will occur over a number of years, depending on the initial year of registration. The VBA will help registered practitioners understand their individual registration details and when they will need to transfer to the new five year arrangements. There will be contact directly with practitioners, well in advance of the registration expiry.

In the meantime, practitioners will need to keep their annual registration valid by paying the yearly fee and providing proof of the required insurance.

New practitioners registered after 1 September 2016 will be registered for a five year period. They will be required to keep their registration current on an annual basis – by paying an annual fee and providing proof of the required insurance. Additionally, they must re-apply for registration at the end of the five year registration period.

For more information about 5 year registration and the changes to the Building Act 1993, read the fact sheet and the Reforms section at the VBA’s website