WoodSolutions’ Fire Retardant Coatings Design Guide

WoodSolutions launches a new design guide: #45 which deals with Fire Retardant Coatings

As wood products become increasingly specified in a wide range of construction projects, understanding the fire properties required by the National Construction Code (NCC) and how wood products can comply is essential. Currently, the NCC does not permit the use of fire retardant coatings to achieve the required fire hazard properties under the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions.

WoodSolutions Design Guide 45 has been written to provide a Code of Practice to enable the use of fire retardant coatings applied to wood products, via the Performance Solution pathway, as a means of achieving the fire hazard properties required by the NCC. This Code of Practice is intended to supplement the NCC by addressing issues relating to the supply, testing, installation and maintenance of fire retardant coatings. Typical fire retardant coatings include: paints and varnishes, intumescent coatings, encapsulation coating systems and surface treatments with liquids.

The new guide and the rest of the 44 titles in the WoodSolutions Design Guide library are available for free download from the WoodSolutions website.