Workplace Health and Safety Act

In July, Design Matters representatives reviewed the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Act Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) released by Safe Work Australia. 

While Victoria does not adhere to the WHS Act,  the RIS was reviewed due to our strong objections lodged a decade ago relating to significant additional statutory duties placed on building designers who could bear responsibility for activities outside their knowledge and control e.g. construction; and unpractical implementation surrounding the prevention of injury and death to works.

On review, nothing has changed to reduce Design Matters opposition to the sweeping liability of building designers, however Design Matters understands that there is currently no appetite from the Victorian Government for any changes with respect to national harmonisation of WHS matters, so we chose not to lodge a submission to the review.

Refresh your memory and read the Victorian Worksafe Designing Safer Buildings and Structures.